Columns of computer files, stacks of tattered notebooks, and I wondered what the point of it was. Art and thought beg expression, and expressions beg to be shared, yet here were mine collecting dust.

I have always found my clearest expression in writing. The most intense of my life experiences seldom pass without being processed out through poetry or prose.

I have ventured down the path toward publication before: torn between the need to share, and the illogical fear of exposing my literary children. Repeatedly I found myself bogged down in the mire of self publishing instructions and rejection letters. I doubted at times that I had anything worthy of sharing at all. Still, over and over the question troubled me, “What is the point of having written these things if no one ever sees them? What if someone could resonate with these? What if these could mean something?” I confided in my brother one day, and with characteristic clarity, he told me, “If you have shared your writing with even one person, it is worthwhile.” Those words helped me to realize that large scale or small scale doesn’t matter. The pressure is off. The only thing that matters is sharing. So I decided to share.

I wanted to create a space where every aspect of life experience is expressed with emotional and intellectual honesty. To share art is to be vulnerable, and particularly as a member of the faith community I feel that this kind of honesty desperately needs to be encouraged and nurtured.

So this blog is my gallery for honest thoughts on life, love and faith.

May someone be blessed.