Only Dust

Across the emerald crest of earth
A gentle zephyr blows
She stirs the languid bowers
And the cool of eve bestows

The noble trees give shade and strength
The vines upon them trust
And blossoms fair perfume the air
But I am only dust

The sapphire stream refreshes
As she dances on her way
She laughs along in careless song
For toil is her play

Sweet produce dangles on the stem
Enchanting & robust
It nourishes the life of all
But I am only dust

My futile longing throbs within
Yet resignation grows
As grows the thorn in many
Whom inadequacy knows

So sprinkle on the water now
Then sprinkle on some seed
I’ll settle here, content to lie
Beneath the stems and leaves

Below, unnoticed, just a medium
Means for life to live
Such helplessness
Yet willingness is all I have to give

I’ll hush my own desires and dreams
To silence if I must
Just let there bloom a beauty here
Where I am only dust


I walked between the moon and sun
Before the break of day
And watched the painted sky converge
As starlight faded gray

The light of night and morn had met
Within the silent wood
Upon the river’s gilded face
Their light I first mistook

The rippling current twinkled boldly
But her song was mild
And so I paused, absorbed, entranced
And all at once beguiled

Poised on the brink of time I stood
Beneath the stellar dome
And pondered the eternal world
I pondered there alone

The newborn day had come to play
With shadows of the trees
Yet found nocturnal glowing eyes
Still peeping through their leaves

Anticipation quickened then
As time beyond me slowed
Still, drifting on a borrowed muse
With wandering step I strode

Still on and on
Beneath the mystic riddle of the sky
For nature ever stoops to teach my spirit
Through my eye

And often, as the morning breaks
I slip away to hear
I hear the song of final dawn
Where night will disappear