We Are

IMG_5922We are, on earth, the stranger minds
The pensive, solitary kinds
We are the eyes that gaze and pine
We are the moments lost in time
The silent star, the restless wave
We are the souls we longed to save

We are the hands that pierced our hearts
And tossed away their bleeding parts
At first with foolish hopes and fears
That dried our bones and drained our tears

Until we raised a wall of stone
To make our hearts a prison home
Where love could not escape nor grow
Or hurt destroy our childish throne

And pondering all, we found but few
Who understood or even knew
And so, we laid our trust aside
We armored on our fragile pride
To drift upon our galleon great
And hold the helm of our own fate

We are the seekers seldom found
The open mind, securely bound
We cast our anchors, ropes of sand
There is no strength in our own hand
The wall of stone we built too low
And love has found a space to grow

So helpless then, as helpless now
We clutch our heaving, sinking prow
‘Til in the dark, the soft appeal
Another Hand will take the wheel

Then gentle as the dawn and dusk
The peace that was escaping us
Will flow like melting glaciers down
And round our weary head will crown
A thousand graces, more beside!
Contentedness, instead of pride

We dared not dream of being free
And yet, at last,
We are

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