Remember Love


Over the course of perhaps two years, the seasons (like my life) waxed and waned with inscrutable contradiction. It had remained warm throughout the winter that year, only to turn cold in the spring.

As occurs with many things, time at last revealed answers to the unanswered—another painful mercy. Yet for so long, it would remain no more than wistful memory.


I came here to remember love
The hillside meadow lane
To hillside meadow, I have come again
For I remember love

It was just here I slipped from shoes
And ran beneath his gaze
It’s overgrown now
Overgrown with weeds
But soft as vapor then
Like every glance

My hands plunge deeper
As the cold expands within
Beyond my pockets
It was warm then
But the season had to pass
Away, away

My thoughts fly through that day
The cautious carefree moment
Here we bowed
And here the sun set
On our lengthy earnest plea
Remember love?

A prayer unanswered
Not a prayer denied or lost
Just inexplicable
Like winter’s warmth
And springtime’s chill this year

Came not to question
But to reminisce
With grateful aching thoughts
And in the solitude of silence
Let my soul remember love

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