Shades of Art

Strokes with no rhyme, the shades of art
The ceaseless longings in my heart
In restless whine, the green of time
I seek to hush its stirring

Colors blur, afraid, unsure
But finally believing
Silent voices, brilliant lines
By eloquence deceiving (?)

Tease and stay by night and day
As silk and satin dreams do fly
And surge with promise, false or honest?
Fact and fancy merging

Line on line true wisdom’s sign
Oh may I see it shining!
More I plead, still more it binds
With deeper roots entwining

Painting still, against my will
The dreaded rose unfurling
Thrill and soar, but just before
The agony of dying

Shattered inkwell, broken quill
A canvas torn, the brush is still
And out of emptiness the fullness,
Taking back my “never”
Willing now to be made one
Or solitary ever


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