Earth and Blood

IMG_5921You are of earth and blood, dear friend
I am the sea and sky
Two worlds within a universe
One spirit and one light

How in this vast expanding dark
Did you and I collide?
With stars and dust and fire burst
You, beautiful surprise

You pulled me down like gravity
Your energy is mine
I found no road to run away
I had no will to try

Yet how could earth and sky be one?
The universe forbids
She snatches every wish away
Behind my dreaming lids

For forces far beyond my know
United long ago
To bring this fleeting dream to its
Inevitable close

Now earth gives way beneath my tread
And blood is running cold
I find no place to rest my stand
No grasp, and no foothold

The earth will soon forget the sky
It never fails to mend
The sea will bleed her gallons dry
Yet surge to life again

So lay your earth and blood to rest
In other arms of flesh
I’ll hold only the memory
of short-lived happiness

Then go your way without regret
I’ll only bear the scars
Sail on the Milky Way
And leave me buried in the stars

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