Contemplating Clouds

IMG_6301.JPGIt was one of those balmy southern afternoons, when sprawled in the park with my face to the sky, this piece of free verse was inspired.
My drifting mind and glutted senses turned as they often do, to somewhat ontological musings (for lack of a better term). And in spite of my finite bewilderment, these settled deeper and farther beyond the realm of the observed.
They are concepts and subjects so common, even reduced to cliche, yet it is the naked essence of these realities that boggle the pensive mind. And at the end of all analysis, one continues to simply sit in speechless awe amid a myriad unanswered questions which in such cases, somehow make faith more beautiful.


Full of inadequacy

Full of meaning
Lacks expression

What is prayer
When words are failing?

And my longing

Drinking in the atmosphere
The atmosphere, so near

Here am I
All solitary now
And contemplating clouds

I feel my nothingness
My worth

You left it all
And came for me
But what is heaven?

Finite mind,
You cannot grasp
You cannot fathom

Speaks of Love
So deep, so strong
Oh, what is love?

So near,
So far away
You dwell within
You reign

Oh, what is God?
I cannot know
I long to know


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